October 2016  
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From Pastor...I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the House of the Lord."   [Psalm 122:1]
I've been trying to lose weight and really have come to know the meaning of
'no second helpings.'  This summer because of the draught we haven't been able to have any of our nightime bonfires...consequently no S'mores.  But, in search of that word's origin which I should have assumed, it is a S'more because when you eat one, you, well me, want a second or third or...well you get the picture...S'more!!!

We might all recall when Jesus was just 12 years old something He desired and seemed not to be able to have enough of...BEING IN CHURCH!!! [Luke 2:46]
He was studying the Bible with scholars we might say. 
Long before this example of Jesus, we have the example of King David.  "Hey David,
you wanna' go to church in the morning?"..."No I'm going on a 25 mile run on my new bike!" Yeah, that's NOT what they'd hear him say!  He was thrilled to go to the temple!
What I wonder is what happened to following Jesus example and David's extreme desire to worship in the lives of so many today. 
168 hours in a week...ONE HUNDRED and SIXTY EIGHT HOURS IN A WEEK...
THINK of that...AND...AND...NOT ONE FOR OUR LORD???????
Jesus and David wanted S'MORE!!! of God's Word...It is soul saving and life changing!
Faith comes from HEARING...HEARING the message of Jesus!  [Romans 10:17]
Christian is a word that has been defined as ' 'follower of Jesus.'  WWJD...What Would Jesus Do on the Sabbath?  "...He went as USUAL to the Synagogue!" [Luke 4:16] Some translations say instead of 'as usual', that it was 'HIS CUSTOM' to worship, hear, and read, and study the Bible.
In our old hymnals there is a Collect, Prayer, made up of these words in part:
"Blessed Lord, who hast caused all Holy Scripture to be written for our learning, grant
That We May In Such Wise HEAR THEM, READ, MARK, LEARN, AND INWARDLY DIGEST THEM..."  INWARDLY DIGEST THEM...ponder them, pray about them, thank our Lord for them...
Start reading it today, if you aren't already!!!   Read the Gospel of John, The Psalms, The Gospel of Luke!  If you don't have a Bible call us or stop by and we'll give you one.
I further encourage you, encourage you, encourage you,  to WORSHIP every week.
I encourage you to pray for the desire Jesus and King David had to worship, and study the WORD.     They wanted S'more!!!
My prayer is that we all would desire S'more!
And, I was glad when they said to me, and possibly all of you, "Let's go to the
house of the Lord!"
"That's not news, but it too is reality",  as Peter Truman of the Global News used to say.

"There is SALVATION in NO ONE ELSE!  There is NO OTHER NAME in all of heaven for people to call on TO SAVE THEM!"  [Portions of Acts 4:11&12]  Jesus is the One to call upon!  He said about Himself, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one gets to the Father except by Me!"  John 14:6
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!"  Acts 16:31

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